Links of Interest 7/27/11

  • Flavorwire lists 10 unconventional bookstores around the world, open for your browsing pleasure.  They all certainly have more character than your local Barnes & Noble.  My favorite is the Montague Book Mill.
  • Interesting list:  Famous For the Wrong Book?  Makes me want to give Heller a second chance.  And I agree on Ishiguro — Never Let Me Go seemed far inferior to The Remains of the Day (though The Unconsoled is supposedly better than both?  I haven’t read it, maybe I should check it out.).
  • Tony Perottet posits that writers belong behind bars — if only to increase their productivity.  There are certainly many days as a mother, with all the hurrying around and loads of laundry and children clinging to you constantly, that solitary confinement [temporarily] sounds like a wonderful idea.
  • The long list for the 2011 Man Booker Prize.  Eek, I haven’t read any of these books yet!
  • A short story by Jennifer Egan, in list form.
  • Minimalist posters for favorite children’s stories.  Amazing how these posters really distill the essence of each story into one simple but striking image.  My favorite is for Alice in Wonderland.
  • Interesting piece at Salon on whether novelists should also serve as book critics.  The article speaks a bit to the concerns I mentioned in an earlier post, where I did not love the books I reviewed, but hesitated to say so.
  • Gretchen Rubin, the author The Happiness Project (one of my favorite books of 2010), lists seven books that changed the way she sees the world.  Some of the books seem pretty specific to her own growth as a writer, but some sound fairly interesting.  Regardless, since she is a professed bookworm, I am always interested to see what Rubin has to say about books and reading.
  • So you thought your boyfriend was so hip and profound because his favorite book is On The Road?  Think again! [The Hairpin]
  • And an antidote to the above books preferred by the secretly jerky — a spreadsheet of the books read by the brainy TV bookworm Rory Gilmore, who has pretty decent reading taste.

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